Commercial Parking Lot Services:

One of the most commonly used materials for paving parking lots; asphalt has been used for several decades. It is perhaps one of the most simple, yet important choices when it comes to paving materials. Asphalt brings stability to the driving surface and offers an attractive surface for a parking lot. To maintain asphalt, it is necessary to repair any chips or cracks appearing on the surface and to address any signs of damage. Smooth and even paving will determine the longevity and quality of the parking lot. Located in Schaumburg, Suburban Sealing can help you with any parking lot need.


* Prep Work
* Oil Spots
* Crack Maintenance
* Sealcoating
* Striping

Protect and Beautify Your Investment!!!

Properly designed and constructed asphalt parking lots, rarely deteriorate due to heavy traffic alone. Oxidation, destructive softening effects of gasoline, inclement weather, oil and de-icer can all influence the condition of a parking lot’s asphalt on the surface. To shield against the harmful elements that lead to deterioration of the surface, our sealing application is specifically formulated to improve asphalt maintenance. We will prolong the life of your asphalt and restore it to like-new condition.

Here is what our asphalt sealing application does for your pavement:

  • Prevents oxidation - Regular sealing applications shield against the drying action of the sun, raveling, cracking and deterioration.
  • Weatherproofing – The greatest cause of pavement damage is the accumulation of moisture in the pavement structure. Professional Sealcoating prevents water from seeping into the porous paving structure and prevents weather damage.
  • Save your savings - Asphalt, the ideal paving material, has tripled in cost. For pennies per square foot, sealing applications will not only protect your investment, but also will prevent expensive repairs.

Watch our 5 minute video to see how we perform our parking lot maintenance:

Description of Services

Prep Work

  • Remove all foreign matter including dirt, weeds, moss or any miscellaneous debris from parking lot.
  • Clean surface for final sealcoat preparation using brooms, wire brushes and commercial blowers.
  • Cover all storm drains, reflectors, manhole covers, etc. before sealing.
  • Black out all signage (i.e. lines, arrows, any words) prior to sealcoating so that old signage does not bleed through sealer.
  • Flag off parking area.

Oil Spots

  • We clean and seal all oil spots prior to sealcoating using oil spot sealer so that the oil spot does not bleed through sealer.

Crack Maintenance

  • Route existing cracks greater than 1/4" to width and depth of 1/2".
  • Blow cracks free of all debris and dry with compressed air.
  • Fill cracks with hot, rubberized crack sealant which meets federal specifications of AASHTO M 173 and ASTM D 3405.
  • Relieve excess sealant in filled cracks by striking off top material to form a band of sealant which extends approximately 1" on each side of the filled cracks.
  • To minimize tracking from tires and foot traffic, material is covered with sand.


  • We perform Sealcoating with top-of-the-line Commercial Grade Tar Sealer. Prior to application, concentrated Sealer is mixed with 30-35% water and fortified with three to four pounds of fine silica sand per each gallon of mixed sealer. Two rubberized additives (TarMax R-100 & "FSA") are added to the concentrated sealer for longer lasting effect. Our commercial sealcoating lasts for years, making this a worthy investment for years to come.
  • We applying a Dual Coat (two coats) of Commercial Grade Tar Sealer to the asphalt parking lot with a Sealcoat Squeegee Machine. Coverage rate for the first coat of sealer is 50-60 square feet per undiluted gallon of sealer. After the first coat of sealer is surface dry, the second coat will then be applied also with the Sealcoat Squeegee Machine. Coverage rate for the second coat of sealer also will be 50-60 square feet per undiluted gallon of Sealer. The Commercial Grade Tar Sealer meets and exceeds all requirements for Federal specification R-P-355D and ASTM specification D 3320-74T.


  • As time passes, parking lot striping tends to fade and deteriorate. In a commercial establishment, it is crucial to get the striping redone without delay. Striping will be done with latex traffic marking paint that meets or exceeds the State specifications. The parking lot will be re-striped before the parking lot is re-opened to traffic.

Suburban Sealing Service provides commercial sealcoating to:

  • Retail parking lots
  • Business/Consumer parking lots
  • Healthcare locations
  • Homeowners Associations
  • Hotel/Restaurant parking lots and garages
  • Real Estate Management properties
  • Religious Institutions
  • Schools/Universities

Your search for a reputable establishment specializing in parking lot repair, asphalt sealing or resurfacing, paving and patching ends here! Our company, with a solid reputation for superior paving and asphalt maintenance, offers you outstanding customer service and the highest quality results. To find out more about our commercial parking lot service and to obtain a free estimate, feel free to email us or give us a call. We offer competitive pricing and volume discounts – looking forward to hearing from you soon!

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